Our themed bowling villas have been featured on the news and social media:

TV Appearances:

  • Aug 26, 2020: Fox 35 Live: David Does It–Mission to Space Bowling Villa



  • Feb 26, 2019: Hollywood Bowling Villa: News 6 at Nine: Go Hollywood Glam at Local Vacation Home


Social Media Appearances:

Safari Bowling Villa:

  • Sept 13, 2020: Paging Mr. Morrow: The Animal Kingdom & Safari Themed House In Orlando | 14 Bedrooms All Themed Different Animals


Mission to Space Bowling Villa:

  • Oct 10, 2020: Paging Mr. Morrow: SpaceX Themed House & Airbnb|14 bedrooms all themed around Space Travel|Space Week 2020


America the Beautiful & Music City Bowling Villas:


Hollywood Bowling Villa:

  • Sept 6, 2020: Paging Mr. Morrow: The Amazing Movie Themed Home In Orlando | 14 Bedrooms Themed A Different Movie From Titanic to JAWS